Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart

by Kishwar Mirza
Illustrated by Sakshi Mangal
Kishwar Mirza’s first book Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart is a collection of stories and poems that celebrate the joy of being a child. With silly rhymes and more serious topics, letters of the alphabet come alive while barnyard and woodland creatures have new adventures. The book celebrates nature, beauty, and fun with playfulness and curiosity. A percentage of book sales will go towards supporting vital programs at the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Winnipeg.


Mina was a little girl who loved nature” She liked going outside and saying good morning to all the flowers and trees. The flowers were always happy to see her and would smile and wave their petals to say ‘good morning’ back. The Story of the letter O, who felt that he was not important, because he was round and no one would miss him. “Where are the bees?” said the flowers to the trees.

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